• Fan T'Asia at PH'EAST
Fan T'Asia at PH'EAST

Fan T’Asia

Fan T’Asia is an authentic Cantonese restaurant created by Muling Zhao and chef Man Fai Yan, the team behind southern Cantonese BoBo Garden on Buford Highway. Its vision, offerings and creators are all from China.

The restaurant’s name references the decorative fan as an element of Chinese culture as well as the Chinese character, pronounced “fàn” in pinyin, whose meaning translates to “food,” “meal” or “rice.”

Fan T'Asia at PH'EAST

Sides & Appetizers

  • Spicy Chicken Nuggets

  • Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls

  • Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup
  • Hot & Sour Soup
  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Steamed or Pan Fried Dumplings (Dim Sum)
  • Cold Sesame Noodles
  • Chinese Fried Wings
  • Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic
  • Chinese Eggplant with Garlic & Ginger
  • Dry Fried Green Beans

Cantonese (Guangdong) Classics

  • Sweet & Sour - Chicken or Shrimp

  • Orange Fragrant - Chicken or Shrimp

  • Black Pepper Steak
  • Spicy Fish Filet
  • Walnut Shrimp
  • Salt & Pepper Steak
  • Salt & Pepper - Squid, Chicken or Shrimp
  • Spicy Beef Lomein
  • Lomein - Chicken, Beef or Seafood
  • Fried Rice - Shrimp or Chicken

House Specialties

  • Hong Kong Curry - Chicken, Beef or Seafood

  • Mapo Tofu with XO Sauce

  • Traditional Braised Beef
  • Peking Pork Chop & Loin Medallions
  • Vegetarian Celebration
    Tofu, Exotic Mushrooms, Chinese Eggplant, Chinese Cabbage & Baby Bok Choy

The presentation of Fan T’Asia is rich with symbolism and Chinese tradition. Embedded in the fan of Fan T’Asia are the Chinese (Mandarin) characters 喜點 Hei Dim, which means “Happy Gathering Point.”For Chinese families and groups of friends, meals are much more than a source of sustenance. They are a source of connectedness with those who matter most to you. The dining environment and experience are where relationships are built and strengthened; where happiness is celebrated and shared; and where sorrows or challenges are comforted and supported.