• King Fu Tea - PH'EAST
  • King Fu Tea - PH'EAST

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King Fu Tea - PH'EAST


At Kung Fu Tea, we adhere to the spirit of Kung Fu with every handcrafted beverage. Our discipline and patience has allowed us to create a first-rate brewing process. We are totally committed to this ritual to guarantee an authentic taste.

By using tea leaves handpicked from the high mountains of Taiwan, premium ingredients, and sticking to our unique drink-making process, we’re able to offer unrivaled bubble tea. Our tea is freshly brewed every 3 hours and toppings prepared fresh every 2 hours. 

King Fu Tea - PH'EAST

Step 1: Choose Size


Step 2: Choose Toppings

Standard – $0.95
Bubbles | Red Bean | Oreo | Pudding | Nata Jelly | Herbal Jelly | Mango Jelly

Premium – $0.95
Aloe Jelly | Fig Jelly | Popping Bubble

Milk Cap – $1.25

Step 3: Sugar Level

Extra – 120%
regular – 100%

Step 4: Ice Level

Regular Ice
Less Ice
No Ice

  • Classic

    Real tea leaves brewed to perfection every 3-hours with Kung Fu Tea’s signature 7-step method.

    Kung Fu Black/green Tea
    Kung Fu Oolong Tea
    Kung Fu Honey Tea
    Winter Melon Tea
    Honey Black/Green Tea
    Honey Oolong Tea
    Longan Jujube Tea

  • Punch

    A refreshing twist with some of your favorite fruits.

    Honey Lemonade
    Grapefruit Green Tea
    Lychee Black Tea
    Lychee Punch
    Mango Green Tea
    Orange Green Tea
    Passion Fruit Green Tea
    Peach Oolong Tea
    Rosehip Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemon Green Tea
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Sunshine Pineapple Tea

  • Milk Tea
    Tea + Milk Powder.

    Kung Fu Milk/Milk Green Tea
    Oolong Milk Tea
    Thai Milk Tea
    Taro Milk/Milk Green Tea
    Almond Milk Tea
    Coconut Milk Tea
    Honey Milk/Milk Green Tea
    Honey Oolong Milk Tea
    Winter Melon Milk Green Tea
    Rosehip Milk Tea

  • Season Special

    October through March.

    Pumpkin Oolong Milk Tea
    Brown Sugar Ginger
    Taro Milk

  • Slush
    Freeze your thirst with our craft ice blends.

    Oreo Slush |  Pineapple | Pina Colada | Coffee | Italian Mocha| Red Bean | Taro | Mango or Mango Snow | Passion Fruit | Matcha Red Bean | Strawberry Milk | Caramel Macchiato

  • Milk Strike
    The ultimate pick-me-up for your morning routine.  Lactose-free milk with different flavors.

    Chai Milk | Ginger Milk | Matcha Milk

    WOW Milk – featuring house-made bubble and Lactaid

    Original Oreo

    Red Bean Herbal Jelly

  • Yogurt
    Featuring Yakult probiotics and freshly squeezed juices.

    Yogurt Green Tea
    Yogurt Orange
    Yogurt Grapefruit

  • Espresso
    Extra espresso shot + $1.00

    Signature Coffee

  • Milk Cap
    Winter Melon Tea Cap
    Honey Tea Cap (Black/Green/Oolong)
    Jujube Tea Milk Cap
    Sunshine Pineapple Tea Cap
    Matcha Milk Cap
    Cocoa Cream Wow
  • What’s New?
    Caribbean Breeze Slush
    Kiwi Apple Kale Slush